Thank you for defending the unborn

My parents taught me to say thank you when someone does the right thing. Our elected officials often hear from us, as they should, when they put into law practices that are immoral. They should also hear from us when they have modeled for us the courage to do what is morally right, especially when it may not be politically expedient.

Thank you on behalf of Kentucky Baptists to Republican leadership and our elected legislatures for protecting the life of the unborn in the commonwealth. The recent passage of Senate Bill 9, the “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act,” and House Bill 2, granting authority to the attorney general to enforce abortion law, is a promise kept to the citizens of the commonwealth and it is much appreciated.

At the November 2020 Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Baptist Convention in Owensboro, the messengers in attendance passed a resolution stating our desire to work together for the day that the human rights atrocity of legalized abortion will come to an end in Kentucky. While SB 9 and HB 2 do not get us to that goal, they are, nevertheless, a step in the right direction.

The Born-Alive Protection Act assures that any child born alive, including one from a botched abortion, will receive life-saving medical attention. The fact that such legislation is needed is a commentary on the callous nature of our contemporary culture, and the fact that this bill passed in the early days of the 2021 session of the General Assembly is an indicator that, at least in Kentucky, most of our elected officials value life.

Instrumental in the passage of this bill was its sponsor, Senator Whitney Westerfield. In defending the bill, Sen. Westerfield said, “Whether it’s an abortion that didn’t work, or a premature birth, or whatever the circumstance might be, if a child is born alive, it must be given medical care consistent with whatever its needs are.”

SB 9 received support from both Republican and Democratic leaders and passed in the Senate with a 32 to 4 vote and in the House by 76 to 18. While Gov. Andy Beshear may attempt to veto the bill as he did last year, his efforts will undoubtedly fail given the bill’s strong support and the veto override power of both Republican-led chambers.

Thank you for making it difficult for the barbaric practice of legalized abortion to continue in Kentucky.

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