Three Ways to Raise Up Church Workers

Ask any church in Kentucky, “What is your greatest leadership challenge?” and the answer will likely be, “We need more workers.” Gospel ministry opportunities abound, but finding the folks to lean into those opportunities can be a great leadership challenge for pastors.  How can a church find the workers needed for its life-changing ministry? ConsiderContinue reading “Three Ways to Raise Up Church Workers”

Two ways to lead evangelistically

As a pastor, you probably won’t receive very much encouragement in your personal evangelism practices. I realize that is a little harsh, but true. Other more pressing ministry needs will likely pull you away from sharing Jesus with lost people. In fact, it is safe to say, you will have to personally prioritize personal evangelismContinue reading “Two ways to lead evangelistically”

How Door Knocking Can Change Eternity

Since becoming the executive director-treasurer for the Kentucky Baptist Convention in August 2019, I have had a long list of things to be accomplished. Given the challenges of our times, that list has changed some, but serving Kentucky Baptists remains the greatest joy of my ministry experience.   One of my personal goals during my tenureContinue reading “How Door Knocking Can Change Eternity”

Learning From Failure

I remember the first time I heard the phrase “free to fail.” I was in a Bible study with Bob Warren, former west Kentucky pro basketball player who came to know Jesus in his late 20s and spent the remainder of his life teaching God’s Word.  Warren was communicating to believers that we are lovedContinue reading “Learning From Failure”

Spiritual Lessons in Physical Darkness

NFL Star Aaron Rodgers recently announced he was about to go into a four-day “Darkness Retreat” for a time of focused reflection. Rodgers could have come to my neighborhood the past few days and found all the darkness he needed. The only noise he would encounter would be the hum of our neighbors’ generators keepingContinue reading “Spiritual Lessons in Physical Darkness”

Remember the 98%

At his recent inauguration as the sixth President of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, Dr. Charlie Goodman made this statement about the cooperative work of Southern Baptists:  “I understand not everything is perfect in our world, convention, or churches. But when you look at how our money is spent in our convention — it isContinue reading “Remember the 98%”

What Do I Do with My Discouragement?

According to Lifeway Research, 48% of protestant pastors surveyed listed “discouragement” as one of the top mental health challenges they faced in ministry. Levels of discouragement can run from “Ministry Mondays” where the challenges of Sunday make a pastor or Christian leader feel numb on Monday, to full blown depression that calls for a greaterContinue reading “What Do I Do with My Discouragement?”

Do It Now

I worked in sales when I was in my 20s, and the vice resident of our company bought me a little book to help me in professional development. The title of the book says it all, “Do It Now.”  The book addressed a topic that impacts every leader: procrastination. Leaders procrastinate for a variety ofContinue reading “Do It Now”

Your Greatest Investment

In Max De Pree’s book, Leadership Jazz, he says that a leader’s job is developing people rather than directing them. Truthfully, a leader must do some directing, but he or she must be highly focused on developing people.   During a podcast interview, Jonathan Pokluda from Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, was askedContinue reading “Your Greatest Investment”

7 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Church

Finding a new church home can be a major challenge faced by many Christians. Each local church is a family. Leaving one, whatever the reason, is difficult — as it should be.   Although saying goodbye to a church family is tough, what’s even more difficult may be finding that new church.   How doesContinue reading “7 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Church”