Remembering Oneida on Father’s Day

Every June, Kentucky Baptists and other friends of Oneida Baptist Institute, are invited to participate in the Barkley Moore Father’s Day Offering. This offering allows OBI to hear from some of its faithful supporters and receive funds to assist its ministry.

What happens when you or your church give to Oneida Baptist Institute through the Barkley Moore Father’s Day Offering?

1. You join with others who care deeply about this ministry: Kentucky Baptists generously support OBI through Cooperative Program giving. A percentage of every dollar given by Kentucky Baptist churches through the Cooperative Program goes to support this vital work of educating students for time and eternity. Kentucky Baptists are grateful for the ministry of OBI educating local children, as well as international ones, for time and eternity.

2. You further the mission of OBI: President Larry Gritton likes to say that it costs less for local resident students to attend OBI today than it did in 1900. At that time Clay County kids, and other local students, paid a tuition of $1 per month to attend OBI. Today local students attend the school tuition-free. OBI can provide this service because of generous donations from those who love the mission of the school.

3. You make a gospel impact on elementary, middle and high school-age students: I recently received a list of quotes from students at OBI. Listen to their own words as they speak to the difference the school has made in their lives:

Female student from Oneida, Ky. — “I cherish my time at OBI. My faith as well as my academics have grown tremendously during my time here and I know that OBI has prepared me well for both college and life.”

Male Student from Ethiopia — “Being at OBI was an eye-opening experience. It helped me grow as a man and as a Christian. I thank God for the opportunity and am grateful for all the blessings.”

Female Student from Thailand — “At OBI I have gained a lot of experience that contains happiness and sadness, but every person and experience has helped make me who I am today. This place and its people keep me warm and make this place like home, even though I am 8,802 miles away from home.

These personal testimonials represent only a few of the hundreds of lives being impacted by the ministry of OBI.

Students at Oneida not only receive an excellent education, but they also hear the gospel in many ways each day, week, month and year. The faculty and staff share the gospel with the students, pray for them and minister to them. The students attend chapel services where they hear gospel preaching from faithful gospel preachers. Your giving is making an eternal difference at OBI.

4. You encourage the faithful faculty, staff and leadership of OBI: Speaking as one who leads an organization that relies on the generous financial support of Kentucky Baptists, I can say with confidence that your financial gifts will encourage Mr. Gritton and his faithful staff. They are laboring diligently to answer God’s call on their lives. You and I may not be called to serve students at OBI, but our giving will encourage those who are answering that call.

If you would like to know more about how to give to Oneida Baptist Institute through their Barkley Moore Father’s Day Offering then go to or reach out directly by calling 606-847-4111. Your gift will encourage them in their ministry and further their mission to educate students for time and eternity.

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