Misinformation vs. Disinformation

Ever feel like we live in an environment where individuals are far too willing to believe the worst and far too unwilling to do the hard work of determining whether the story is true? Misinformation and disinformation may be to blame. Misinformation is false or inaccurate information that is communicated regardless of an intention toContinue reading “Misinformation vs. Disinformation”

What Am I Missing?

Sometimes one well-placed question can change everything. I recently heard a well-known leadership expert describe a question that changed everything for him. He described himself as a person who felt he was usually right about most decisions and plans. He, half-jokingly, said he would often tell staff members that things could go much faster andContinue reading “What Am I Missing?”

Leadership Blindspots

A small blindspot can result in a big problem. Unfortunately, we all have blindspots whether we realize it or not. Imagine this fictitious conversation with your insurance agent following an accident where your car and the other car was seriously damaged, and all occupants were injured. Insurance Agent: “Sir what was the cause of theContinue reading “Leadership Blindspots”

Time to celebrate with Ky. Baptists

Celebration is not a strength for me. I did not grow up with birthday parties or big celebrations for milestones met. Up until the last minute I was considering not attending my own college graduation ceremony. Given the delinquent approach I took to my college career it is nearly a miracle that I graduated fromContinue reading “Time to celebrate with Ky. Baptists”

Thank you for defending the unborn

My parents taught me to say thank you when someone does the right thing. Our elected officials often hear from us, as they should, when they put into law practices that are immoral. They should also hear from us when they have modeled for us the courage to do what is morally right, especially whenContinue reading “Thank you for defending the unborn”

Building an evangelistic church

In my garage is a set of tools given to me several years ago as a Christmas gift from my wife. The tool kit contains open-end wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and more. The organizers of this tool kit knew that different projects require different tools. When it comes to building an evangelistic church, moreContinue reading “Building an evangelistic church”