God’s people made for times like this

Over the past few days, Kentucky Baptists and friends from across the country have rallied together to help our brothers, sisters and neighbors in the west and southwestern parts of our state.

When the deadly tornados touched down in multiple locations, leaving devastation in their path, they unleashed a torrent of support that has only just begun. Churches, pastors, associational mission strategists and KBC Mission Board staff have been inundated with offers of materials, resources, funds, gift cards, prayers and volunteer help.

As horrible as the tornadoes were, the show of support from followers of Jesus has been inspiring and encouraging.

People want to know how they can help tornado victims in Kentucky. Here are four ways:

1. Pray: We have access to God’s grace by faith (Romans 5:2) and the Lord will receive our prayers (Psalm 6:9). Pray for comfort to those who have lost loved ones. Pray for peace for people living in chaos after the loss and devastation of the storms. Pray for volunteer workers to come alongside to help. Pray for Christ to be glorified, gospel conversations to be had and the kingdom of God to be advanced.

2. Donate: A disaster of this nature will require long-term disaster relief efforts in multiple locations. You can help fund the work of Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief happening right now in west and southwestern Kentucky by giving directly at http://www.kybaptist.org/tornado. Your gifts will help others receive help from kind and compassionate trained disaster relief laborers.

3. Purchase: One of the great opportunities available to us is to support pastors, associational leaders and churches as they serve the people in their communities. These compassionate leaders will be there after the others have left town. One church sent a package of $2,600 worth of gift cards from Lowe’s, Kroger, Walmart and other places to be given out to people in need. These gifts will help meet needs as well as fuel the local economy. If you would like to send gift cards to an area leader, you can call 502-489-3527 or go to www.kybaptist.org/tornado to learn more.

4. Go: If you are a trained KBC Disaster Relief volunteer, your services are needed. Please watch and respond to your official KYDR emails. If you are not trained but would still like to serve, visit www.kybaptist.org/tornado or reach out to the call center for opportunities available.

God’s people were made for times like this. These are the days when we can lean into the struggle and challenges being faced by our neighbors and offer help in the name of Jesus.

May the Lord get much glory during the days ahead and may His people be used to serve others in a time of need. We are indeed better together and we are at our best when we work together to help others.

Thank you, Kentucky Baptists, for your gospel-fueled service to others.

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