Where Do We Go from Here?

Where do we go from here? Sometimes that phrase is heard after a family tragedy, or an upending life or business event such as a divorce or bankruptcy. Many Kentucky Baptists and their neighbors were asking that very question after the historic west Kentucky tornadoes on Dec. 10, 2021, and the eastern Kentucky flooding this past July.  

But in this case, the question is being asked after the Yes for Life Amendment vote that took place in Kentucky’s voting booths Nov. 8. The result of the vote was disappointing for those who worked diligently to see this amendment passed.  

Much prayer and sacrifice went into the drafting and promotion of this historic amendment. Many elected leaders, as well as pastors and church leaders, put their own names on the line to defend the unborn in our state. Kentucky Baptist pastors, associational and ministry leaders were ‘all in’ on promoting the passage of Amendment 2, and Kentucky Baptists showed up and voted for the amendment. We should give thanks for those who gave leadership to speak up for the unborn.  

We are disappointed in the defeat of Amendment 2. Legalized abortion is the greatest human rights atrocity of our day, and Kentucky Baptists will continue to work and pray that it remains illegal in our state. We are grateful that Attorney General Daniel Cameron has proven that he will fight to uphold Kentucky’s pro-life laws in court, and we encourage our state legislators to continue passing legislation that protects unborn children made in the image of God. 

But where do we go from here? Here are five actions to consider:  

1. We continue to pray for abortion to be abolished in Kentucky: Abolitionist William Wilberforce fought tirelessly against the inhumane slave trade in Great Britain. He suffered defeat after defeat before finally experiencing victory. Our cause is one worthy of continued effort and prayer. This defeat gives each of us an opportunity to sharpen our pro-life apologetics and get to work convincing and persuading others of the rightness of our position.  

2. We continue to care for women and families in crisis pregnancies: 49 pregnancy resource centers in Kentucky are connected to the Kentucky Baptist Convention. You can learn more by following the link to https://www.kybaptist.org/pregnancy-resource-centers/. The leaders and volunteers at these bastions of compassion woke up on Wednesday morning following the election and went to work doing what they do every day — serving women and families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We can help them with their work.  

3. We continue to encourage elected leaders who defend life: I was so proud of so many of Kentucky’s elected House and Senate members and constitutional officers who put their own popularity on the line to defend unborn children in Kentucky. The disrespectful chant that says “politicians look for a parade and get in front of it” does not fit these courageous leaders. In Kentucky, we have strong pro-life laws and an attorney general who will vigorously defend them before the Supreme Court. Please pray for the Kentucky Supreme Court, as it will hear arguments Nov. 15 regarding those laws.  

4. We continue to pray for pro-abortion advocates: During the recent Amendment 2 campaign I was given a renewed passion for praying for and striving to persuade those who view unborn human beings differently than I do. I believe from the scriptures they are wrong in their position. I also believe they are people made in the image of God who need the gospel. 

5. We continue to promote adoption of unwanted children: While the unborn child may not be wanted by his or her mother, they are not unwanted by all. There are couples all over the commonwealth who would line up to adopt these children and give them a great life.  

So where do we go from here? We keep working toward the day when legalized elective abortion will be part of our terrible past, but not part of our more humane future.  

As of the writing of this article, there are no legalized abortions being performed in Kentucky. Please join me in praying that this will be our normal from now on. Thank you for voting ‘Yes’ for Amendment 2 and for partnering together to reach Kentucky and the world for Christ.  

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