New Year, New Opportunities

I’ve always loved “new” things. Whether it’s a project, idea, calendar or book, starting something new stirs up energy and creativity within me. 

January 2023 can be this “new” start we all need. Lots of folks will make resolutions and set goals, while others will move into it like it’s nothing more than the next week on the calendar. Regardless of your perspective, here are five reasons to be excited about the year ahead: 

1. You have an opportunity to celebrate the last one. Given the years we have had since Covid invaded our lives, surviving another year seems more meaningful. It feels like getting through 12 months is a huge win. If you reflect on 2022, you can undoubtedly see God’s hand all over your life. We can celebrate that God provided for our needs. He also gave us ministry opportunities and daily reminders of His grace and presence. Stopping to celebrate is always a reason to be excited.  

2. You have an opportunity to set new priorities. You can set new priorities anytime, but a new year provides a natural opportunity to do that. By new priorities, I mean giving focused attention to something you may not have spent much time on during the past year. Maybe you would like to prioritize time with your family this year. If so, then put a weekly reminder on your calendar or set a date night with your spouse and a game night with your children. Maybe you want to prioritize personal evangelism, Bible reading, scripture memory or a new hobby. Whatever the case, a new year provides a natural opportunity for new priorities.  

3. You have an opportunity to plan your calendar. When it comes to calendar planning, many live by the principle popularized by Stephen Covey to get the big rocks scheduled first. Be sure and calendar those things you most want to get accomplished in this current year. For instance, put your family vacation on the calendar, and any conferences you plan to attend. If you live in or near Kentucky, then be sure and schedule time for REACH 2023. You can register for that, and other KBC events, by going to and searching for upcoming events.  

4. You have an opportunity to say goodbye to bad habits. Whether the habit you want to distance yourself from is eating too many desserts or sleeping too late in the mornings, a new calendar year is a great time to leave those things behind. As the New Year’s song reminds us, we do not want to forget old acquaintances, but we may wish to forget and grow beyond some of our old ways that need to be put aside. The idea of growing in holiness is an exciting possibility.  

5. You have an opportunity to remember that your time is short. Whether it is the imminent return of Jesus or the natural reality of the sand running through the hourglass of your life, we are reminded each year that we are only here for a little while. James, the biblical author, describes our time here on earth as a vapor. The new year is an excellent reminder that for many of us the days in front of us are fewer than the days behind us. This annual reminder can be the impetus needed to focus our remaining days where they can be most useful for gospel advancement.  

I hope you are getting off to a great start in 2023 and are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for you as a Christ follower. Jesus calls us to serve him in ways we never would have imagined. May this year be one of the very best years of your life so far.  

One thought on “New Year, New Opportunities

  1. Thank you for reminding me of the opportunities of the new year and to remember how the Lord took care of me last year.

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    Dwight Butler




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